Sunday, 22 September 2013

Book Review

Book Review

1. Book Title and Author: Diary of a wimpy kid The Movie Diary By Jeff Kinney.
2. Main idea of the story: This is the story of the movie.
3. Main characters in the book: Greg, Rowley, Mum, Manny and Dad.
4. Something unique and interesting about the story/book for readers to know: If you have not seen the movie Diary of a wimpy kid 1 and 2 this story tells you.
Body Paragraph 1- Plot
1. Main idea of the story/book: This story tells you about the movie.
2. Where does the story take place: Vancouver U.S.A
3. When does the story take place: 2011
4. Something unique about the time/place in which the story takes place and how it affects the characters: It's funny and tells you interesting info how the movie was made.
Body Paragraph 2-Characters.
1. Main characters of the story/book: Greg, Rowley, Rodrick, Mum, Manny and Dad.
2. What are the relationships like between characters in the storybook: Mom and Dad.
3. Does something important or meaningful to the story happen to a or between characters: Greg gets a crush on Holly Hills.
Body Paragraph 3- Review
1. Favourite part of the story/book and why: The part when it tells you how to sing exploded diper.
2. What do you think about the way it was written? Very good writing.
3. Do you think other kids would enjoy reading this book and why? Other kids would love reading this book because its funny, interesting and cool.
Conclusion Paragraph
1. Was the story/book entertaining, educational, amusing, etc., and why?
2. Why did you enjoy/not enjoy reading this story/book? I really enjoyed reading this book.
3. Would you recommend other kids read this book? Yes I would.

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  1. great work on your book review. why did you chose this book and why.